Graduate Students

Environmental Impact Assessment
Lauren Arnold, PhD, Interdisciplinary Studies
Cumulative impact assessment and the integration of social-economic data, funded by SSHRC

Brandon Gregg, Masters, Interdisciplinary Studies
GIS and environmental management, analysis of the feasibility of geospatial tools in natural resoruces management decision-making, funded by SSHRC

Nicole Peletz-Bohbot, Masters, Interdisciplinary Studies
The role and application of traditional knowledge in enviornmental assessment and project review in Nunavut, funded by Irving Shipbuilding International and the Nunavut Research Institute

Rob Friberg, PhD, Interdisciplinary Studies
Integrating climate change into cumulative effects assessment, funded by the Foothills Research Institute
Climate Change Adaptation
Troy McMillan, PhD, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Information technology and social networking solutions that support enhanced and adaptation, funded by SSHRC
Wildlife Management

Stephen Decker, PhD, Interdisciplinary Studies, Funded by SSHRC, Bombarier Fellowship

Graduate Student Opportunities

There are no positions open for 2018 - 2019

Depending on the project,.positions may be based at The University of British Columbia's Vancouver or Okanagan valley campuses, or collaborating universities .