Research and Funding

My work centres broadly on the analysis and evaluation of environmental and natural resources policy.

The research area I focus on is environmental  assessment (EA), with a recent emphasis on effectiveness of EA as an environmental management tool, the role EA in resource management, planning and decision-making by Indigenous communities, and the implementation of cumulative effects assessment.

The work I do is focused on case study approaches, especially comparative studies, and developing applied knowledge that can support management, policy development, and operational activities in natural resources management. This work often involves the energy, mining, and forest industries.

As part of my role as Director of the Centre for Environmental Assessment Research at UBC, I work with government, the resource industries, Indigenous organizations, and the consulting sector to advance best practices in EA, support best practice and policy development, and communicate to diverse audiences about how EA processes work.

Current Projects

    • Gender based assessment (GBA); a review and method outline for GBA and its application to environmental assessment.Funded by the Canadian International Resources and Development Institute.

    • Developing information about the Liquefied Natural Gas industry for community decision-making in BC. A project to communicate the LNG supply chain and the challenges and opportunities the industry presents for First Nations communities in BC. Funded by the First Nations LNG Alliance.

    • Best Practices in EA, case studies form the mining industry. Funded by the Canadian International Resources and Development Institute.

    • Planning for climate change adaptation, the experiences of planners and local governments in Canada. Funded by UBC and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), and in partnership with the Canadian Institute of Planners and the FCM.

    • Developing a community tool-kit for advancing marine related knowledge and baseline information in environmental assessment and linked planning processes, with Bram Noble (co-applicant). Funded by Irving Shipbuilding International.

    • Cumulative Impact Monitoring in the Northwest Territories: Data and information needs for planning and decision-making. With Bram Noble (PI). Funded by NWT government/CIMP.

    • Understanding the Impacts of Alternative Energy Systems, with Bram Noble and John Parkins (co-applicants). Funded by SSHRC. 

    Graduate Student Opportunities for current projects

    *All 2017 - 2018 gradaute student positions are presently filled.

    Depending on the project, positions may be based at UBC's Okanagan or Vancouver campus, or a partner university.

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