Research and Funding

My work centres broadly on the analysis and evaluation of environmental and natural resources policy. 

The research area I focus on is environmental  assessment (EA), with a emphasis on the role EA in natural resource management, planning and decision-making. This often involves collaboration with Indigenous organizations, government and industry. My current projects are in western Canada and the Canadian Arctic.

The work I do is focused on case study approaches, especially comparative studies, and developing applied knowledge that can support management, policy development, and operational activities in natural resources management. 

Current Projects

    • Connecting cumulative effects assessment to decision-making. With Sarah Gergel, Gary Bull and Bram Noble.Funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

    • Developing a community tool-kit for advancing marine related knowledge and baseline information in environmental assessment and linked planning processes. Funded by Irving Shipbuilding International. 

    • Gender-based assessment in impact assessment. Funded by the Canadian International Resources Development Institute.

    Graduate Student Opportunities 

    2018 - 2019 graduate student positions are presently filled.

    Depending on the project, positions may be based at UBC's Okanagan or Vancouver campus, or a partner university.

    Meadow along the road from Brookmere to Coalmont, south central British Columbia